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Version C
Version C
Address Master Data

CV and Tennis History

Technique Analysis including imported Videos

Edit Technique Videos for detailed Analysis

Video Sharing by myCloud

Fitness Analysis including imported Videos

Publish Videos to 

Edit Fitness Videos for detailed Analysis

Video Sharing by myCloud

Fitness Competition Tests with graphical Analysis

Training History with Log

Tournaments with Results


Automatic Player Master Data Exchange

Document Management 

Integrated Word Processor
(if no Word 2010 or 2013 installed)

Mail Merge via Word 2010 or 2013
(Word 2010 or 2013 must be installed)

Periodisation Evaluation

Player Accounting with Invoice Survey

Communication with Player via E-Mail and SMS (if no Outlook 2010 or 2013 installed)

Player Data Exchange via myCloud Service

Share Player Data via myCloud Service

Player Data Import and Export

Backup Player Data via Archive Ex- and Import

Reports (Master Data, Tournaments, Training ....)

Office 365 Mobile Apps for Notes, Match Logs, Videos etc...
(for all kind of SmartPhones)


Manage Teams with Members and Leader

Match Plan and Schedule

Single Matches and Results

Double Matches and Results

Tournament Calendar

Tournament Results


Manage Groups with Members and Status

Match Plan and Schedule

​Player Results


Coaches Master Data with hourly Rates

​Coaches Training Plan

Accounting with Invoice Survey

Document Management

Court Management

Occupying Calendar for up to 20 Courts

Quick Search and Occupy

Accounting with Survey


Generate Invoices automatically from Calendar and Trainings Plan

Invoice Diary and Survey 

Invoice Filtering
(per No., Date, Coach, Player, Amount..)

Invoice Info for each Player

Free adjustable Invoice Template with Graphics


Up to 360 Drill Templates which can easily adjusted and extended

Online Development of new Drills in Collaboration with other Coaches within our Tennis Coach Expert Network via myCloud Service

Quick Search and Find of specific Drills

Filter Database by Single, Group and Fitness Teaching

Structured by Main and Sub Topics, Categories, Variations, Standard and Professional

Table of Contents well formed for further Extension

Draw Sketches with integrated Drawing Tool

Deposit each Drill with up to 9 Photos

Insert local Video Lesson from Desktop

Stream up to 10 Video Lessons directly from

Emmbed YouTube Video Lessons

Exchange Drills with other Coaches via myCloud Service

Download and insert into local Database new Drills from
via QR Codes

Drill Ex- and Import Feature

Training Calendar

Coach can schedule Training Plan and use Drill Database

Single or Group Player Schedule

Free adjustable Periodisation Table for later Analysis

Automatically log Training Data into Player Master Data for later review

Printing of complete Training Plan with Sketches, Photos and Video Thumbnails

Free adjustable Label Colours

Schedule Tournaments

Manage Notes and Memos

In- and Export Calendar Data via integrated Archive


Integrated E-Mail Client in Case that there is no Outlook 2013 installed

Send and Recieve E-Mail with logging for each Player

Manage Notes and Memos


Integrated SMS Client in Case that there is no Outlook 2013 installed

Send and Recieve SMS with logging for each Player

Manage Notes and Memos


Tennis Motion Desktop supports all major Languages.

If not included in the Setup Package English is used.

With the integraded Translation Tool all Parts of the Application can easily via Goolge Translator translated in each native Language.

The Setup Package includes:


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