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Welcome to the Tennis Motion Company

With our multilingual Tennis Motion Desktop Application for Office 2013/365 Coaches, Players, Clubs and Associations can manage their daily work easily and all Parties can exchange important Data secure over the integrated SharePoint or myCloud Service.
Coaches can :

  • Manage Player Master Data including CV, Tennis History, Technique Skills, Fitness Tests and Status, Training Log, Tournaments and Results, Ranking, Data Exchange and Documents.
  • Perform professional Video Analysis with integrated KinoveaTool.
  • Manage Teams with Match Events, Match Results, Tournaments
  • Manage Groups with Match Events and their Results
  • Accounting with Invoice Generation and Survey
  • Integrated Drill Database with over 350 Templates which can easily extended
  • Training Calendar adjusted to Players with recording Logs for further control and much more...
Players can :

  • Recieve Technique and Fitness Video Analysis from Coach directly on his Desktop in native Video Format
  • Record his CV, Tournamet Events with Results and other Activities
  • Access the non professional Drill Database with Video Lessons for his regular Training
  • Access to Tennis Motion Video Analysis from well known professional Players
  • Own dedicated Training Calendar which he can fine tune with the Coach
  • Exchange Data with Coach with integrated myCloud Service and much more....
Clubs can :

  • Manage and schedule their up to 20 Courts
  • Manage their Members, Coaches and Players
  • Two Way Data Exchange for Player and Analysis Data with Coaches
  • Integrated Accounting with Invoice Survey and much more...
Associations can :

  • Perform Database Administration for Player and Coaches including License History and Results.
  • Retrieving Player Match Results directly via myCloud Service without any manual processing
  • Automatic Data Exchange of all relevant Player Data including CV, History, Training Log, Coaches etc. etc.
  • Providing Drill Database with direct integrated Video Streaming Service for own produced Video Lessons
  • Onlinge Collaboration between Coaches for new Drills and Video Lessons via Office 365 or myCloud Service
  • Providing Tennis Motion Desktop as a professional Online Tool for the today's Coach in a connected World
  • Online Data, Apps and Tasks can easily created or adjusted to special needs by Office 365 

And much more .....
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